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I'm a Singaporean!
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keep your eyes down, child
hush now hush don't say a damn word
stay quiet stay low stay out of sight
hands to your sides, out of your goddamn pockets

shut your mouth, swallow that bile that's building in your throat
you a proud boy but your place isn't here
speak and they'll call it an excuse-
to grab you by the neck and shoot you in the back

but you always taught me i'm a man of my own,
you always said 'take no shit'
so why we afraid in the houses we own
why do i stay quiet when the streets are full

mama mama, i'm tired of running and i'm no slave,
i'm no court jester and i'm no thug,
mama you put me to school for a reason
your hands ain't rough for the fun o' it,
so i'll be damned if my mouth stays shut

because, mama, i grew up in these streets;
been a proud man the way you raised
light one up, mama, i know you love your smokes
i'll be home before it burns.
"are we lost,"

i asked, hungry and bone-thin
a snarl of empty sitting deep in my belly,
the loss of home, the loss of mind

"you're never lost with me!"

hummed the god, peering at length,
oh-so-bright and immaculate,
and this time i knew it was lying

so i reached out and snuffed the light,
heard the skitter-spatter of gods falling to the floor
felt my mind fracture and splinter and seperate
sat down in the labyrinth of my blackened soul.
"I won't come down,"

i said, peering over the edge of the clouds,
and far below my ghosts tittered and hissed

"but you can't stay up there forever!"

they called, tangling themselves up,
all discordant and enraptured, starving and repressed
and i knew they were right

and i looked over to the winding road
where you decided i wasn't enough
making believe i could see you still trudging away
but i blinked and you were gone.
what do you do if you love someone who doesn't love you
"you wait, and wait, and wait and wait and wait"
so here i am, and here i'm waiting, standing in this hungry heat
that eats the ground from beneath my feet

but it's a shame, quite a lovely shame, that i think the world of you,
while i'm only a village on your mapped-out soul-
quite the bloody shame that you won't let me in
so here i am, i'm waiting at the door
throwing stones at your window like american football
standing in the rain again.
i never had a sandpit to play in,
i never had a garden to tumble around
i never had a camping trip, and
i've never seen clean waters;
only litter-speckled sand and ships rolling with the tides
i never had the life of quiet joy,
but neither have i seen the glamour
of this ragged dry city -

oh, the world tires me, and the people wear me out
i wonder if this whirligig mind of mine
will ever slow down, and give me a rest
and i wonder if i'll ever pick my self-esteem
up off the dirty floor

i wonder if you'll ever settle down, and i wonder if it'll be with me.
picking up adobe illustrator and photoshop for class. may be posting proper art for the first time ever heh


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